Active citizenship vs corruption: Colombian case

By Nicolás Lara, Economics Student, Universidad Nacional de Colombia   Nowadays corruption is a big topic across the world. It is easy to check on the internet and you will see news related with corruption scandals in Brazil, Korea, or Venezuela. However, there is not much space for reportage about how people are actually trying to control … More Active citizenship vs corruption: Colombian case

Aren’t we just fond of our sympathetic and fun-loving culture

By Adrian Emmanuelle Uy, Bachelor of Business and Commerce student, The University of Western Sydney   Culture is the main driving factor that influences our voting behavior. Believe it or not, the Philippines – a showbiz-loving country – nearly elected an action movie star without prior public service experience and higher educational attainment to the … More Aren’t we just fond of our sympathetic and fun-loving culture

Philippine politics: A family business

By Reg, BA Political Science student, University of the Philippines Diliman   Political dynasties are remnants of the long colonial period and affect the system by hampering effective operations of the system. According to Pareto, “History is the graveyard of aristocracies.” Filipinos give great importance to kinship. A Filipino family is characterized by the closeness … More Philippine politics: A family business

The Philippines – Where we are and what we need

By Ryan, BA Political Science student, University of the Philippines Diliman   The Philippines is the oldest democracy in Asia. Yet, it is hardly the most developed and most mature. Many factors contribute to the weakness of our democracy that once deposed a dictator but recently elected a strongman for his authoritarian platform. Several factors influence … More The Philippines – Where we are and what we need

Uphold democracy

By Eileen, Master in Public Policy student, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore    The long and painful sufferings of the Philippines from colonial powers and dictatorship have influenced the Filipinos to embrace and uphold democracy. We, Filipinos, often quote Abraham Lincoln to make sense of “democracy” – it is … More Uphold democracy