Vote well, build our nation

By Diogenes C. Dy, University of the Philippines Diliman

In this millennial era, social media plays a huge part in our voting behavior. I had my share in defending my preferred candidates over other people via social media. Quarrels with friends even happened. When we vote, we should refer to correct information. With the spread of fake news in social media, discerning which is factual is critical.

Vote buying is another practice that can distort our voting decision. Many of our fellow Filipinos are poor and monetary influence can easily change their decision. But for change in our society to happen, it should always start with all of us, not accepting these types of practices regardless of status. Change will come once informed voters put to position deserving leaders of this country.

Corruption is a much bigger problem on the other hand. Political will is necessary and that should start with the country’s leaders. We can do our part by not participating in these corrupt practices and reporting corrupt actions. Corruption is everywhere. But maybe we can take Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) as an example that corruption can be avoided. LKY brought Singapore to new heights, a country with way less resources than the Philippines, but with discipline way mightier than ours.

We can promote nation-building by simply uniting. Whenever we have issues and crises, we should all act as one in protecting our country’s interests – country’s interests before our own. Let us not be divided by the political parties that we prefer. Just like the United States, let us respect the elections and support whoever is in position. This will help the country achieve political stability.

Economic development is something we are already achieving now. I think the government’s thrust to “build, build, build” the country’s infrastructure will help propel the country’s economy to new heights and at the same time, spread economic development across the society. Let us not resort to impeachment and rallies whenever there is something not right. We can be critical but let us give this government the chance it deserves. We can never have perfect leaders. Leaders drive the country and whomever we vote to lead will play the biggest part in driving this country forward.

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