It’s a trap!

By Adrian Emmanuelle Uy, Bachelor of Business and Commerce student, The University of Western Sydney

Did you know that politicians in Australia knock door-to-door and campaign for themselves without using jingles and local personalities even at the Federal level of government? In fact, there is no “showbiz” at all in Australia! No gossip, irrelevant love teams and whatnot!

How come our own local politicians have the means to pay these celebrities and even have the guts to vandalize our streets with ads that have their names and faces? Our prospective politicians instantly become actors and actresses during the campaign process – they appear on TV commercials and even on TV shows.

Sadly, Filipino voters are easily swayed by these captivating yet uninspiring TV ads and political jingles. Thankfully, some television networks hold debates among all presidential and vice-presidential candidates. They serve as an avenue for us to see a glimpse of the candidates’ way of thinking, platform and values.

As voters, we need to look for someone who is actually qualified for the job and someone who can provide no-nonsense leadership! We should be able to see our political candidates through a critical lens. Do they really want to serve the nation, or only their selfish agendas and political aspirations?

We must be enlightened and wise, dismissive of uninspiring campaign tactics and propagandas. Moreover, our votes should not be for sale. We should be free of prejudice and aware of what the country truly needs. Soon, these aspiring public servants will have no choice but to get their acts together and deliver.

We win if we vote right. Granted we have the right people in our government, corruption will be mitigated and we will no longer have to beg for inbound investments; they will just come in naturally. Due to a perceived better and healthier legal, political and business environment, foreign and domestic investors will have more confidence toward the country; foreign relations will improve and expand.

All these improvements will boost our economy and speed up our development. But first, vote wisely!

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